Aaru is a vision.

. An idealized vision of life on Earth, a place where Death, Fear and Pain do not exist. A place where you live forever with the gods, with all the people your soul has ever loved. At least that is what the ancient Egyptians strongly believed. Aaru was their Heaven. I hope to bring such a place in anyone’s soul who will wear or use my creations. It all started with the first sea waves washing the sand from Vama Veche. And the stones appeared. Then I appeared. To collect them, to listen to their stories, to shape them like a sea shapes its shore. Just objects, you would say. Metamorphoses, I call them. Our whole life is about metamorphoses: the journey from the reborn soul carried from the sands of Ancient Egypt, through the world of Aaru, to the sunrises admired at Vama Veche.

My mother brought me to this world, to the sea and to the Vama Veche. When I was 7 years old, I received a book about the civilization of Ancient Egypt and since then my passion has grown continuously. I started dreaming of becoming an archaeologist. And I never stopped. Today my house is full of small treasures carried to our times from different eras and found in places I managed to get to.

My mother gave birth to me with art, sea, and nature in my soul. These loves grew with me and came to be placed in photography, passion that came to be a profession. My first exhibition was at Gallery 9, in 2014, and after that my nomadic spirit walked me through even more experiences that brought me here, at this point, where I tell my story to you.

The same spirit carried me across the ocean to Peru. There I resumed my spiritual journey abandoned in one of my previous lives. Three weeks in the jungle, thirteen Ayahuasca ceremonies. Pain. Acceptance. Renaissance. To return more conscious and present than ever. To connect with nature. To see with the eye of the mind and the soul. To bring a desired child into the world. To pass forward what I feel through what I create.

The lamps, paintings, jewellery, and the various creations I make contain the revelation received as a gift in all the spiritual journeys I have made throughout the world. Copper pendants with crystals are the amulets that bring light in the darkest corners of anyone's soul. Each crystal has its own story I can hear once it gets in my arm. I know how to listen to it as I know how to listen to the sea. They all come out different as we are all different and unique. And what you find in this store is not a simple object, but a continuation of what I am and carry into this world, a metamorphosis of my soul into reality.

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